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Poll Worker Information & Training Classes

If you would like to serve as a poll worker, contact Sylvia Engel....see the link page for poll worker application.

If you need a class, please call Sylvia.

The classes usually run about 90 minutes.


Poll workers receive $200.00 a day for working both the General Election and the Primary Election.
You must attend a pollworker class once every two years.



Poll Workers Needed

This is an important and exciting way to participate in democracy.

Poll workers receive compensation for their time.

Who can be a Poll Worker?

 You must be registered to vote in Middlesex County

 You must be able to read and write English

You must have transportation to the polling place

 You must attend a Poll Worker Training Class of Instruction

You must not be a candidate or a close relative of a candidate whose name appears
on the ballot


What a Poll Worker does:

 Attend a training class prior to the election and every 2 years

 Reports to the polling place 45 minutes before the polls open on Election Day

 Prepares the polling place for voting

Verifies that voters are registered in the precinct

 Assists voters in the voting process

 Maintains order at the polls

 Closes polling location when polls close

(8:00 p.m. for Primary and General Elections)

For more information contact:
Sylvia Engel at 732-248-1499




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