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Committee People

About Our Party

Edison Township is divided into seventy-eight (78) election districts and at present all the districts are in the 18th NJ Legislative District and in the 6th Congressional District. Each district has a committee man and a committee woman duly elected every two years on the even years in the June Primary Election.

The duties of a committeeman and woman are as follows:
Register new voters who move into your district. Do your best to convince them to affiliate with the Republican Party. Keep a record on your computer (or in a card file) of all the registered republican voters in the district with phone numbers and email addresses if possible and any other pertinent or personal information that may be helpful.

Get a map of your district and a list of all the voters (can be obtained from the Chairman). You can keep a file of unaffiliated voters also (unaffiliated voters are voters who do not identify with either party but you will get to know if they lean republican and will vote for a republican.

Keep a large supply of voter registration forms and mail in ballot applications on hand (can be obtained from the Chairman). Retirees, young people and election board workers are often your best volunteers.

Election Board poll workers are paid to work for the Primary in June and for the General in November. Poll workers get paid $200 for the day, which is 5:15am to 8:15pm. They must attend a one hour and a half training session prior to the election. The training is good for two years.

Prior to election you will be asked to pass out literature to voters in your district. Do not place political literature in mail boxes as it is against the law. Put the literature in the door or under the mat.

Election Day is the most important day. You should call all your Republican voters and remind them to go and vote. Make sure new voters know where to vote.

Every two years the Middlesex County Republican County Committee Handbook is updated and given to the committee people for handy reference.

If you would like to be a member of the Edison Republican Committee, you can contact any member of the ERC Executive Board, give them your address and if there is a vacancy in your area we would welcome you to join us at the next meeting.
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